Monday, February 22, 2010

WOOOOOOOOOOOTSSSS I GET BACK MY PHONE LE EVERYONE , so u can message me now and say u very handsome thx thx (: , after school went home eat eat then go find my usual brothers haha . went e-hub ! ARCADE FEVER! stayed at there for 2 hours +++ sia hardcore ah~ So After That Went Makan Took Some Photo and cabbed home haiss So Bored T.T

Saturday, February 20, 2010

OK I'm HERE TO BLOG! . Damn Bored OK Friday SCHOOL SUX! . Phone Confiscated By Teacher <<<< HATE HIM ! ARGHH!!!!!

After School Went Home Bath Everything Then Meet Wif Rong Wei , YongMing, Rongxing , Teck ern, Nicholas And Benidict . Then Suddenly All Wan go OCH then go lor went changi village makan slack awhile waited for augustine to come and WE BOUGHT Torchlight haha quite bright . so walk to a bus stop to wait for Nicholas Friend's to come then all go in lor haha quite fun la . I ain't scared of the ghost . BUt scared of police haha . Police More Scarier Than Ghost Now Thats In My Head 24/7 cannot get out haha . after that cab to white sand bused home thats All (: Some Of The Picture Below is Being Taken By Nicholas and His Friend (:

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Finally Got Time To Blog , (: i lied actually lazy haha. Happy New Year To All Haha , Today Played Mahjong And Lost $50 dollar walao ): No Mood To Blog Haha . Nw Is 00:50 Jojo is gone for 2 days miss her like fuck >< God Bless Her !!! Cause Malaysia Is Dangerous!! . Miss Her ><

Friday, February 12, 2010

It's Been So Long Ever Since I Post haha , Lazy ><

KK today school was ok . chinese new year performance still okok . edward was funny lewl . I GOT 8/12 for my SS Test haha . Smart right thxthx . 7 plus went to whitesand to buy somestuff and went to e-hub to find my brothers slack awhile go makan makan then went home . Hehe Jojo is going malaysia for 3 days . gonna miss her like (Can't describe ):) hais i shall end my post here BYE BYE~~~


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