Friday, April 16, 2010

HOHOHO , Backtoposting (: , Uh um. . .


After School Went To See Taiji Between Malay+Indian And Chinese , The Movie Haven't Start . Police Come Lolx All Run Like Siao lolx. after that went wenjie house slack slack awhile and went home . at night went out wif wenjie , kienhua to vivo city and We met Zenna , Ryan Low , Muhammad , Saiju and Dion Down There All slack tgt and took the last train back home . sit at whitesand mac awhile then Home-d.

Found Life Sibei Boring AH~~~!!!!! Later Going Find Wenjie And Go See Wu Yue Tian Concert Hehe (: so Buai~~~


" He's A Small Boy,
Living In The Real Word
Appeared Since 1/10 1995
And The World Start Falling Apart"
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